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Automatic Transmissions

audi-1193214_1920Manual transmissions, in which a driver-operated clutch is utilized to change gears, have been becoming increasingly less popular in recent years. There are a lot benefits to using a manual transmission, or a “stick shift,” but many people are opting for automatic transmissions now. This is typically because even though automatics require a little more maintenance than manuals, they are simpler to use and have less of a learning curve. So, if a manual changes gears manually, the automatic must change automatically, right? That is the basic idea behind it, however there is more than just one kind of automatic transmission. Automatic transmissions can be separated into three different types: fully automatic, semi-automatic, and continuously variable transmissions. We’ve outlined some of the basics of each below.

Fully Automatic Transmissions
These are the most common kind of transmission installed in cars today. In fact fully automatic transmissions consist of more than 90% of new cars sales in America. This has to do with the fact that it is completely capable of shifting gear ratios automatically, making it very user-friendly and easy for people to learn how to use. This does, however, come with a price. They these tend to be more expensive than manuals and are more costly to repair usually.
Semi-Automatic Transmissions
Semi-automatics, as the name suggests, are a mix between manuals and automatics. The most common use for these is in high end sports cars like Ferraris and Porsches. The manual part of this type of transmission is that you still need to manually switch gears, the transmission will not do it automatically. However, it differs from a manual transmission because it is not necessary to engage and disengage the clutch and instead uses electronic sensors, processors, actuators, and pneumatics to shift gears when the driver intends to.
Continuously Variable Transmissions
Continuously variable transmissions, often referred to as CVTs, uses a different system to change gears, instead of toothed gears like a fully automatic system, CVTs utilize a pulley system. This makes shifts much smoother and free of hesitations and allows the engine to run at the optimal revolutions per minute. This transmission is best for fuel efficiency.

Whichever automatic transmission you prefer, or if you prefer a manual, you need to make sure it’s in its best condition. To help keep your transmission running smoothly, come to us for transmission maintenance in Des Plaines, IL. Learn more at, today.

Transmission Issues You Shouldn’t Ignore

car dashboardKeeping your car or truck in top condition should definitely be a priority. Issues with your vehicle’s performance are not only annoying and potentially costly, but can also be major safety risks for you and your passengers. Every noise you hear and odor you smell doesn’t necessarily mean you should panic and assume the worst, but there are certain signs you should not ignore. For your transmission especially, these signals are problems you should not ignore:

Shifting Trouble – With both automatic and manual transmissions, shifting gears should be a smooth process. If you begin having difficulty changing totally or if the transition from one gear to another seems to happen increasingly roughly with a “chunk” or a “thud,” you should have your transmission looked at.

Shifting on its Own – In addition to rough shifting, you also may experience the transmission feeling like it is shifting on its own, or slipping into other gears. Certain noises may accompany it or you may just feel the change happen. This is also a sign that is fairly serious and hazardous.

Engaging Issues – Similarly to the previous two issues, this another problem you may notice when attempting to changes gears, either manually or automatically. This would happen when you are just changing from park to drive – if you’re pressing on the gas, and the car takes a little bit before actually lurching forward, this is another shift-issue you shouldn’t take lightly.

Your transmission is an essential part of your vehicle, and it’s one you want to make sure is working properly and efficiently. If you notice any of these issues, you should get your transmission looked at right away to avoid hazardous situations and to remedy the situation quickly. At TransOMatic of Des Plaines, we provide a free diagnostic service that can help you figure out the issue and solve it. If you do have a problem, we offer quality transmission repair in Des Plaines so we can have you safely back on the road. Visit today for more information.