Symptoms of Starter Trouble Part 2

push to start engine ignitionThere are few different reasons why a starter motor could begin to fail, from factory related issues to user error. This means there’s not really a set lifespan for them, leaving them vulnerable to issues. For this reason, it’s important to pay attention to any signs of starter trouble your starter may be displaying. In a previous post, we discussed some sounds to pay attention to when starting your vehicle. In this post, we’ve elaborated on a few other symptoms of starter problems.

One of the quickest ways to see you’re having problems with your starter is if your car doesn’t turn on when you attempt to start it. To rule out issues with the battery, try turning on your headlights or internal lights on. If the lights turn on and you hear a clicking sound or nothing at all when attempting to start your vehicle, your starter is likely to blame.

Unfortunately, you still might not be in the clear even if your car does start. Take note of any strange behavior that seems abnormal when you start it. Signs like strange noises or taking longer than usual to rev up fully may also indicate problems with the starter motor.

Luckily, if you notice any of these problems, you can address them quickly to avoid further damage. This also allows you to seek out professional help for starter motor repair in Northbrook and get safely back on the road.

Symptoms of Starter Trouble Part 1

green car under hoodStarters are essential components of your vehicle’s system. They’re used for rotating internal-combustion engines in order to help initiate the engine’s ability to operate using its own power. Since these are integral to your car’s proper functioning, it’s important to keep an eye out for any troubling symptoms your starter may be displaying.

Even the most well maintained vehicles can experience starter problems as even basic, everyday wear and tear can cause issues after a while. However, some symptoms of starter problems can also be similar to issues displayed when other parts of your vehicle are malfunctioning. One easy way to tell if you’re experiencing starter problems is by listening. You can often times hear problems and diagnosis issues that way. If occurring when you’re trying to start your car, the following noises could point to starter trouble:

  • A swishing, whirring sound
  • A grinding noise of metal clashing
  • A distinct, solid sound of a click
  • An electrical buzzing sound

If you notice any of these sounds while starting your car, it may be time to have someone look at your starter. Car troubles can be a nuisance but the sooner you get a problem assessed, the safer you are in the long run. If you do find yourself in need of starter motor repair in Northbrook, IL, contact today for fast and reliable service.

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Since we are dedicated to providing our services and keeping our customers happy, there are a variety of things we do to make the process simpler for our clients. One of our most useful services is a free diagnostics test to find any and all problems – you shouldn’t have to pay just to find out you may need costly repairs! We also offer a 2 year, 24,000 mile warranty that covers 100% of all parts and labor. In addition to these great standard services, we have many useful coupons to help lessen the financial burden of services. These include:

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Optimizing Your Automatic Transmission Fluid

grey fluid containerAs we’ve touched upon in previous posts, automatic transmission fluid (ATF) is a vital part of your function automatic vehicle. Automatic transmissions rely heavily on this lubricant for a variety of major functions like fluid pressure, lubrication, cooling components, and preventing oxidation and rust. One of the biggest responsibilities of automatic transmission fluid is creating the fluid pressure necessary to activate transmission bands and clutch plates to change gears. However, all of these processes only run smoothly if the ATF is in good condition and if you’re using the correct type for your vehicle.

Unlike motor oil in manual transmissions, ATF isn’t easily contaminated by soot, gasoline, or combustion scrap. However, it does break down with normal use and can be contaminated by particles from friction plates, gears and bearings inside the transmission. While most automatic transmissions have a form of filter to prevent these contaminates from dirtying the ATF, they are not always successful. For this reason, it’s important to regularly check the condition of your fluid so you can catch problems earlier.

The manufacturers of ATF create specific fluids for specific transmission models. Determining the proper automatic transmission fluid to use is fairly simple in most cases. The manufacturer of your car will recommend a brand that will work for the make and model of your vehicle. However, this can be more complicated if you’ve had your transmission replaced. This will require you to find contact information for the manufacturer of the exact vehicle model. Of course, professionals specializing in transmission repair in Elmhurst, IL can help you with this information. Contact today for a free diagnosis and professional service you can trust.

Winter Care Tips for Your Vehicle

snowy cars on streetWinter is officially underway! This can be an exciting time of year: holidays, spending time with loved ones, and cozying up by the fireplace. However, these cold temperatures can also wreak havoc on road safety conditions and your car’s functionality. Here are some things to keep in mind this winter season to keep your car running its smoothest and prevent you from getting stuck on the side of the road during bad weather.

Watch your fluids – It’s always important to monitor your various fluid levels to ensure your car is optimally running, but it becomes even more imperative during the winter months. Important fluids to watch are your antifreeze/coolant, oil, and gas levels. Each plays important parts in your vehicle’s functionality. Antifreeze prevents your engine from freezing, heavier grade oil can thicken in very cold temperatures, and low gas levels can increase the chance of condensation freezing and block the flow of gas.
Take care of your battery – Very cold temperatures can reduce your vehicle’s battery power by up to 50 percent, so it’s essential to keep a close eye on it during winter months. The temperatures will force your electrical system to work harder which can cause fraying or corrosion, making it necessary to check and clean up your battery regularly.

During the winter your vehicle will require a little more maintenance, but with these tips you’ll be on the right track to making sure it operates correctly. If you start to experience any transmission related issues and find yourself in need of Arlington Heights transmission services, come to TransOMatic of Des Plaines. We have the Arlington Heights transmission services you need to get your vehicle in top condition so you can get back on the road. For more information, visit or call us at (847)625-1500.

Transmission Overheating

open hood of carIn order to keep your car running properly, you have to make sure your transmission is running properly as well. Automatic transmissions make it easier for most to learn to drive, but they also come with more working parts in order to facilitate that and can therefore be more susceptible to errors and malfunctions. One common problem transmissions face is overheating. This could happen for a variety of reasons and can manifest in different ways. We’ve examined some of these below to help you keep an eye out for an overheated transmission.

Low fluid levels – Transmission fluid helps create fluid pressure that allows the transmission to operate. So, if fluid levels are low overheating will occur because the transmission will be working harder without an essential part.
Dirty of burnt fluid – These are some of the most common signs of overheating. Dirty of burnt fluid will give off a burning smell which means you need to look into getting it changed immediately.
Transmission slipping –
This is a problem that could happen for a number of reasons, but one of the most common is because of low fluid levels or dirty and burnt fluid.
Stop and go traffic – If you’re living in a city, you’ll probably experience a lot of stop and go traffic. Constant braking and then accelerating makes your transmission work harder than it is used to and can frequently cause overheating issues.

If you’re noticing any of these things, you may be more likely to have overheating issues or should be vigilant in making sure these issues were not caused by overheating. If you do have an overheating problem and are in need of Arlington Heights transmission services, visit today. Our qualified professionals are exactly who you needs for your Arlington Heights transmission services.

Manual Transmission Benefits Part 2

stick shiftAutomatic transmissions have been around since 1940 when they were introduced by GM. Unfortunately, this predecessor to the more commercially popular automatic transmission has seen a steady decrease in popularity. In fact, in less than 20 years after being introduced, automatic transmissions were installed in 83% of cars in America. Automatic transmissions allow for an easier learning curve when learning to drive, make it easier and quicker for people to drive safely and well. This is why a lot of people have been drawn to automatics in lieu of manual vehicles, but there are actually many benefits to driving a manual vehicle over driving an automatic. We’ve discussed a few in an earlier post, and we’re here to discuss a few more.

Price – Manual transmissions, as we mentioned, are not as popular as automatic transmissions. For this reason, they’re in less demand and therefor tend to be cheaper! They also tend to be less pricey because manual transmissions have less moving parts than the more complicated automatic transmission.
Less problems – Since there are less moving parts, there are less reasons for the transmission to start experiencing problems. And this will save you money again because you’ll need repairs less frequently and because repairs for manual transmissions are much cheaper.
Less likely to be stolen – Though this is a strange thing to consider, it is true. Since automatic transmissions are much more common in the general public, a majority of people don’t know how to drive a manual transmission. This means if you drive a manual vehicle, it’s less likely to get stolen because only a select number of people would know how to drive it.

If you find yourself experiencing any transmission issues and are in need of auto repair in Des Plaines, IL, you can trust the transmission professionals at Contact us today for a free diagnostic service.

Manual Transmission Benefits Part 1

stick shiftRecently, we discussed the various types of automatic transmissions and some benefits associated with them. However, the automatic car’s predecessor was one with a manual transmission. Automatic transmissions were first introduced in 1940 by GM, and since then manuals have seen a steady decrease in popularity. In fact, in less than 20 years after being introduced, automatic transmissions were installed in 83% of cars in America. The obvious reason people jumped ship and interest in automatics rose is that automatics make driving easier. When first learning to drive, it will take you a lot less time to learn to drive an automatic then it will a manual because there is a much steeper learning curve. This one negative about manuals has kept them as a very small minority among vehicles, but people don’t tend to see the many benefits driving a vehicle with a manual transmission will offer.

Fuel economy – Automatic transmissions see much higher power loss than manuals in most circumstances. Even with advanced technology improving fuel economy in automatic vehicles, drivers of manuals are much more capable of optimizing their driving properly.
Less maintenance – In order to make transmissions automatic, more parts and more complications are involved in the process of the car changing gears. This makes manual transmissions much simpler, making them less likely to need servicing and making it cheaper to do so.
Control – This is one of the most common reasons people say they continue driving manual vehicles. The control allowed over a manual vehicle lets owners be more involved in their vehicle’s performance.

These are only three of many advantages to driving a vehicle with a manual transmission, and we’ll touch on more in a later post. If you’re having transmission issues and need Arlington Heights transmission services or Elmhurst trans services, trust the professionals at to help you with your transmission needs.

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transomatic sponsorshipFor more than 50 years, TransOMatic of Des Plaines has been building a product that has been tested and proven to be reliable, keeping more vehicles on the road longer. Our hard work is supported by our core values, which are the foundation of all we do. Because of our passion and dedication, you can be confident in everything that carries our name. And, while transmissions and fleet maintenance are our passion, they’re not all we care about, and not all that carries our name.

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Automatic Transmissions

audi-1193214_1920Manual transmissions, in which a driver-operated clutch is utilized to change gears, have been becoming increasingly less popular in recent years. There are a lot benefits to using a manual transmission, or a “stick shift,” but many people are opting for automatic transmissions now. This is typically because even though automatics require a little more maintenance than manuals, they are simpler to use and have less of a learning curve. So, if a manual changes gears manually, the automatic must change automatically, right? That is the basic idea behind it, however there is more than just one kind of automatic transmission. Automatic transmissions can be separated into three different types: fully automatic, semi-automatic, and continuously variable transmissions. We’ve outlined some of the basics of each below.

Fully Automatic Transmissions
These are the most common kind of transmission installed in cars today. In fact fully automatic transmissions consist of more than 90% of new cars sales in America. This has to do with the fact that it is completely capable of shifting gear ratios automatically, making it very user-friendly and easy for people to learn how to use. This does, however, come with a price. They these tend to be more expensive than manuals and are more costly to repair usually.
Semi-Automatic Transmissions
Semi-automatics, as the name suggests, are a mix between manuals and automatics. The most common use for these is in high end sports cars like Ferraris and Porsches. The manual part of this type of transmission is that you still need to manually switch gears, the transmission will not do it automatically. However, it differs from a manual transmission because it is not necessary to engage and disengage the clutch and instead uses electronic sensors, processors, actuators, and pneumatics to shift gears when the driver intends to.
Continuously Variable Transmissions
Continuously variable transmissions, often referred to as CVTs, uses a different system to change gears, instead of toothed gears like a fully automatic system, CVTs utilize a pulley system. This makes shifts much smoother and free of hesitations and allows the engine to run at the optimal revolutions per minute. This transmission is best for fuel efficiency.

Whichever automatic transmission you prefer, or if you prefer a manual, you need to make sure it’s in its best condition. To help keep your transmission running smoothly, come to us for transmission maintenance in Des Plaines, IL. Learn more at, today.