Manual Transmission Benefits Part 2

stick shiftAutomatic transmissions have been around since 1940 when they were introduced by GM. Unfortunately, this predecessor to the more commercially popular automatic transmission has seen a steady decrease in popularity. In fact, in less than 20 years after being introduced, automatic transmissions were installed in 83% of cars in America. Automatic transmissions allow for an easier learning curve when learning to drive, make it easier and quicker for people to drive safely and well. This is why a lot of people have been drawn to automatics in lieu of manual vehicles, but there are actually many benefits to driving a manual vehicle over driving an automatic. We’ve discussed a few in an earlier post, and we’re here to discuss a few more.

Price – Manual transmissions, as we mentioned, are not as popular as automatic transmissions. For this reason, they’re in less demand and therefor tend to be cheaper! They also tend to be less pricey because manual transmissions have less moving parts than the more complicated automatic transmission.
Less problems – Since there are less moving parts, there are less reasons for the transmission to start experiencing problems. And this will save you money again because you’ll need repairs less frequently and because repairs for manual transmissions are much cheaper.
Less likely to be stolen – Though this is a strange thing to consider, it is true. Since automatic transmissions are much more common in the general public, a majority of people don’t know how to drive a manual transmission. This means if you drive a manual vehicle, it’s less likely to get stolen because only a select number of people would know how to drive it.

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