Components of Your Transmission Continued

In a previous article, we began discussing some of the main components of automatic transmissions so you can better understand this important part of your car. The transmission can be a confusing piece of equipment, making it harder to keep them running smoothly and efficiently without constant need of transmission repair in Elmhurst IL. Automatic transmissions (the most common type of transmission on the road today) have a lot of parts that make them up and keep them working. Each part is a crucial piece that keeps this important component of your vehicle running, so it’s important to understand the different pieces so you can better understand your transmission. Here are some more of the essential pieces of your transmission, explained.

Planetary Gear Set
Every other part of your transmission, and every gear ratio that your car uses, depends on the planetary gear set. This is comprised of a sun gear, planet gears, and a ring gear, with the sun gear in the center. Each gear ratio is determined by the various positions of the planet gears and whether they are locked or unlocked as they revolve around the sun gear.
This piece is located between the essential planetary gear set and the torque converter. This is the piece the torque converter relies on to draw transmission fluid in and pressurize it. Most components of an automatic transmission rely heavily on fluid pressure for proper functioning. Similar to a human heart, the pump is what distributes this essential pressurized fluid to the rest of the parts.
Clutches and Bands
Clutches and bands help the planetary gear set and other gears rotate, engage and disengage. Clutches work with pressurized fluid to cause the pistons to engage in order to send power to the wheels and bands either tighten or loosen around the gear train depending on whether a gear should be engaged or disengaged.

Knowing more about these different parts can help you understand your transmission, and its problems. We know keeping your transmission running smoothly may seem like an annoying hassle sometimes, but with the right help with transmission repair in Elmhurst, IL it doesn’t have to be. Finding transmission repair in Elmhurst, IL that you can trust with your vehicle is an important factor in ensuring that your transmission lives a long and healthy life. Trust with your transmission maintenance – visit us today.