Components of Your Transmission

You already know keeping your transmission running smoothly with the help of transmission repair in Elmhurst, IL is an essential part of keeping your car running smoothly, but the transmission can be a confusing piece of equipment, making it harder to do so. Automatic transmissions (the most common type of transmission on the road today) have a lot of part that make them up and keep them working. Each part is a crucial piece that keeps this important component of your vehicle running, so it’s important to understand the different pieces so you can better understand your transmission. So, we’ve outlined some of the main components of automatic transmission below.

Torque Converter
This piece connects the engine to the transmission that produces torque that the transmission can use through fluid pressure. The torque converter is what allows you to accelerate your vehicle again after being stopped, so if you’re experiencing any shuddering or slipping issues, it could be the fault of the torque converter.
Transmission Fluid (ATF)
The transmission fluid is something you may not realize is an absolutely major part of every transmission. This not only works with other components to provide fluid pressure but also helps to lubricate and cool parts of your transmission so it runs smoothly and doesn’t overheat. This part of your transmission requires maintenance because with age the fluid will lose effectiveness, so find reputable transmission repair in Elmhurst, Il to help you maintain your transmission fluid if needed.
Valve Body
This is the hydraulic control center that controls the amount transmission fluid intake and then disperses in to run other, smaller components. These pieces can help determine the automatic gear ratio.

These are just the beginning to some of the more important parts of your transmission, and we’ll help explain a few of the other ones in another article, so keep your eyes out for it. We know keeping your transmission running smoothly may seem like an annoying hassle sometimes, but with the right help it doesn’t have to be. Find transmission repair in Elmhurst, IL that you can trust with your vehicle is an important factor in ensuring that your transmission lives a long and healthy life. Trust with your transmission maintenance – visit us today.