Fluid Changes versus a Transmission Flush

Proper maintenance of your vehicle’s transmission is vital to keeping it running smoothly and avoiding major problems. In order to do so, many people will have a fluid change performed on their transmission to drain some of the transmission fluids and exchange them for new ones. This can help improve the performance and extend the life of your car. However, there is another lesser known maintenance process that can help even more. This is called a transmission flush, a process that should be done by specialists in auto repair in Des Plaines, IL. Though the two processes have similar goals, there are major differences that mark them.

A fluid drain is also commonly known as simply a “transmission service.” Vehicles running on old and ineffective fluids will have more problems and have a shorter lifespan. This service consists of fluids being drained to get rid of the old fluid and replace it with new fluid. However, it’s impossible to drain all of the fluid during this process, so only up to half of the old fluid will drain. This still dilutes the old fluid with new fluid, which makes it nonetheless an effective service to improve your transmission’s functioning. Often, to improve the process, technicians will drain and replace the fluid more than once in order to dilute the liquid with new fluid ever more.

While a fluid change simply uses gravity to drain fluids, a flush requires a special cooler line flush machine. This professional grade mechanism is designed to completely flush out every last drop of transmission fluid. This not only gets more fluid out than a simple drain, it also removes buildup, sludge, and contaminants for a healthier transmission. The old oil is replaced with 100% new oil. This process is effective at improving your transmission’s overall health and performance, but it is not a fix for major problems.

Both of these services can greatly improve the health of your transmission and engine when done regularly. In addition, this regular attention to your vehicle will help you understand it better, prevent costly issues, and increase your vehicle’s lifespan. For a transmission fluid change in Des Plaines, IL trust the professionals at TransOMaticofDesPlaines.com. Contact us today.