Transmission-Ruining Mistakes

Transmissions are an important part of your vehicle, so you want to make sure you’re keeping them in the best condition possible. We know automatic transmissions can make learning to drive a quicker and easier process, but automatic transmissions make for a little bit more difficult maintaining them. So, if you’re driving an automatic vehicle you need to make sure you’re taking certain precautions to avoid causing your transmission any unnecessary problems. You can do this by knowing what common mistakes people make that can negatively affect their transmission, and we’ve outline some of those below.

Transmission fluid errors – Transmission fluid is used in automatic vehicles to lubricate many important parts, cool the system, and provide hydraulic fluid pressure. Running on low fluid can cause your transmission to overheat, so it’s essential to check regularly that there is enough. It’s also just as important to be using the right kind of transmission fluid. Different transmissions require specific kinds of fluid to function properly because different fluids have different compositions that can drastically affect your transmission.
Not servicing it – Automatic transmissions require regular checks and tunes to maintain their function properly. If they’re not checked by reliable professionals who understand transmission repair in Elmhurst, IL, then harmful dirt and contaminants can build up and leave your vehicle running lethargically. But don’t wait until you start noticing issues, do it before any issues arise.
Ignoring problems – Even with the best maintenance sometimes issues can still come up. The absolute worst thing you can do for your transmission is ignoring little things that don’t seem right like a simple noise when changing gear or fluid leaks. Small things can indicate major issues with your transmission so it’s better to be safe and seek transmission repair in Elmhurst, IL than it is to write it off as an insignificant occurrence.

Making sure your transmission continues running smoothly may seem like an annoying hassle, but with the right help it doesn’t have to be. If you make sure not to make these mistakes and find transmission repair in Elmhurst, IL that you can trust with your vehicle, than your transmission should live a long and healthy life. Trust with your transmission maintenance – visit us today.