Symptoms of Starter Trouble Part 1

green car under hoodStarters are essential components of your vehicle’s system. They’re used for rotating internal-combustion engines in order to help initiate the engine’s ability to operate using its own power. Since these are integral to your car’s proper functioning, it’s important to keep an eye out for any troubling symptoms your starter may be displaying.

Even the most well maintained vehicles can experience starter problems as even basic, everyday wear and tear can cause issues after a while. However, some symptoms of starter problems can also be similar to issues displayed when other parts of your vehicle are malfunctioning. One easy way to tell if you’re experiencing starter problems is by listening. You can often times hear problems and diagnosis issues that way. If occurring when you’re trying to start your car, the following noises could point to starter trouble:

  • A swishing, whirring sound
  • A grinding noise of metal clashing
  • A distinct, solid sound of a click
  • An electrical buzzing sound

If you notice any of these sounds while starting your car, it may be time to have someone look at your starter. Car troubles can be a nuisance but the sooner you get a problem assessed, the safer you are in the long run. If you do find yourself in need of starter motor repair in Northbrook, IL, contact today for fast and reliable service.