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Manual Transmission Benefits Part 1

stick shiftRecently, we discussed the various types of automatic transmissions and some benefits associated with them. However, the automatic car’s predecessor was one with a manual transmission. Automatic transmissions were first introduced in 1940 by GM, and since then manuals have seen a steady decrease in popularity. In fact, in less than 20 years after being introduced, automatic transmissions were installed in 83% of cars in America. The obvious reason people jumped ship and interest in automatics rose is that automatics make driving easier. When first learning to drive, it will take you a lot less time to learn to drive an automatic then it will a manual because there is a much steeper learning curve. This one negative about manuals has kept them as a very small minority among vehicles, but people don’t tend to see the many benefits driving a vehicle with a manual transmission will offer.

Fuel economy – Automatic transmissions see much higher power loss than manuals in most circumstances. Even with advanced technology improving fuel economy in automatic vehicles, drivers of manuals are much more capable of optimizing their driving properly.
Less maintenance – In order to make transmissions automatic, more parts and more complications are involved in the process of the car changing gears. This makes manual transmissions much simpler, making them less likely to need servicing and making it cheaper to do so.
Control – This is one of the most common reasons people say they continue driving manual vehicles. The control allowed over a manual vehicle lets owners be more involved in their vehicle’s performance.

These are only three of many advantages to driving a vehicle with a manual transmission, and we’ll touch on more in a later post. If you’re having transmission issues and need Arlington Heights transmission services or Elmhurst trans services, trust the professionals at TransOMaticofDesPlaines.com to help you with your transmission needs.