Transmission Issues You Shouldn’t Ignore

car dashboardKeeping your car or truck in top condition should definitely be a priority. Issues with your vehicle’s performance are not only annoying and potentially costly, but can also be major safety risks for you and your passengers. Every noise you hear and odor you smell doesn’t necessarily mean you should panic and assume the worst, but there are certain signs you should not ignore. For your transmission especially, these signals are problems you should not ignore:

Shifting Trouble – With both automatic and manual transmissions, shifting gears should be a smooth process. If you begin having difficulty changing totally or if the transition from one gear to another seems to happen increasingly roughly with a “chunk” or a “thud,” you should have your transmission looked at.

Shifting on its Own – In addition to rough shifting, you also may experience the transmission feeling like it is shifting on its own, or slipping into other gears. Certain noises may accompany it or you may just feel the change happen. This is also a sign that is fairly serious and hazardous.

Engaging Issues – Similarly to the previous two issues, this another problem you may notice when attempting to changes gears, either manually or automatically. This would happen when you are just changing from park to drive – if you’re pressing on the gas, and the car takes a little bit before actually lurching forward, this is another shift-issue you shouldn’t take lightly.

Your transmission is an essential part of your vehicle, and it’s one you want to make sure is working properly and efficiently. If you notice any of these issues, you should get your transmission looked at right away to avoid hazardous situations and to remedy the situation quickly. At TransOMatic of Des Plaines, we provide a free diagnostic service that can help you figure out the issue and solve it. If you do have a problem, we offer quality transmission repair in Des Plaines so we can have you safely back on the road. Visit today for more information.