Transmission Overheating

open hood of carIn order to keep your car running properly, you have to make sure your transmission is running properly as well. Automatic transmissions make it easier for most to learn to drive, but they also come with more working parts in order to facilitate that and can therefore be more susceptible to errors and malfunctions. One common problem transmissions face is overheating. This could happen for a variety of reasons and can manifest in different ways. We’ve examined some of these below to help you keep an eye out for an overheated transmission.

Low fluid levels – Transmission fluid helps create fluid pressure that allows the transmission to operate. So, if fluid levels are low overheating will occur because the transmission will be working harder without an essential part.
Dirty of burnt fluid – These are some of the most common signs of overheating. Dirty of burnt fluid will give off a burning smell which means you need to look into getting it changed immediately.
Transmission slipping –
This is a problem that could happen for a number of reasons, but one of the most common is because of low fluid levels or dirty and burnt fluid.
Stop and go traffic – If you’re living in a city, you’ll probably experience a lot of stop and go traffic. Constant braking and then accelerating makes your transmission work harder than it is used to and can frequently cause overheating issues.

If you’re noticing any of these things, you may be more likely to have overheating issues or should be vigilant in making sure these issues were not caused by overheating. If you do have an overheating problem and are in need of Arlington Heights transmission services, visit today. Our qualified professionals are exactly who you needs for your Arlington Heights transmission services.