What We Do

Learning about our services starts with a simple question: how many transmission shops do you know that have been around for over 50 years? Trans-O-Matic performs efficient transmission repair in Des Plaines, IL, as well as transmission diagnostics in Des Plaines.


“Our Name Goes On Every Unit”
Our transmission rebuilds have a reputation that’s undisputed. There are no patch up jobs, junk units from junk yards, or re-man units from out-of-state or some distant factory assembly line. These units are hand-built with care, pride and high quality parts in -house by our Technicians. When you need transmission repair in Des Plaines, IL, you come to us.


“We are Drivetrain Specialists”
If it’s as simple as a U-Joint or as complex as a transmission control module (computer), we offer great transmission maintenance in Des Plaines. We have all the latest technology for the day-to-day changing in this High-Tech Age. If you drive an all-wheel drive vehicles and are seeking transmission maintenance in Des Plaines? We offer transfer cases, axles, differentials, and other drivetrain related products.


“It’s No Longer Just a Lever or a Button on a Dash”
Today’s vehicles are all computer-controlled. Not just one computer, but many. You need real Diagnostic Technicians to find the real issue and resolve it. It’s no longer up to a back alley mechanic, those days are over. Technicians are the most valuable thing in any shop. Without greatly skilled people and the right equipment providing you with transmission diagnostics in Des Plaines, there is no process for finding the problem on your vehicle.